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A picture is worth a thousand words, simply put…people love pictures and every picture tells a story.

A custom designed postcard (or twin strips) complete with your monogram & date will be embossed on each & every picture that is taken.

We include an interactive attendant to get your guests smiling and looking their best. We include a prop package so your guests can change up each picture. You can choose an elegant scrapbook or the social media station where your guests can upload & stream their pictures live from your event as it is all unfolding.

We have 2 types of photo booths:

The “Classic” photo booth comes with an elegant background curtain which includes a scrapbook of memories which will live on forever. Each guest is encouraged to sign compliments & good wishes to the party host. We use a real photographers flash assembly so the pictures look amazing.

The all new “Mirror-Me” photo booth is a show stopper! The Mirror-me booth is a five-foot-high beauty mirror (clad with a gorgeous White, gold or silver picture frame). As your guests’ approach, they will be welcomed with a giant picture of the “guest of honor” for that event. Your guests will be asked to actually touch the mirror and when they do the fun begins…the Mirror-me booth will take them on a fun filled journey where they will be asked to create a series of different poses for the camera.

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